Monday, October 18, 2010

Azim & Balqish - 3 fun days

Azim is a dear friend of mine since I was approximately 15 years old. Man, we did a lot of things together such as basketball, mountain biking, mountain biking illegally over the KLGCC golf course, eating icecream at Swensens 'all you can eat' day (where I managed 25 scoops & Azim had 30 scoops), all you can eat at Pizza Hut (13 slices for me & Azim managed 16, possibly more if I had not given up at 13), and other adventures too.

Hence I'm so happy for him that he's found Balqish who is an awesome companion for him.

I covered their Nikah, Reception at FRIM & Rasta. Rasta is a foodcourt in TTDI that Azim's family runs. Its very successful & filled to the brim in the evenings. Be sure to try Azim's signature western dishes :)

Azim, good on you & I wish the two of you everlasting happiness!

Enjoy the many pics below: