Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adam & Liyana - TTDI

Hi everyone!

The day after Liyana's reception, I covered Adam's reception at his family home in TTDI. I love the location since I live in the same neighbourhood!

The scorching sun couldn't dampen the excitement of the day. With such a large family, there's bound to be lots of laughter and kids running around.

When Adam & Liyana arrived with their entourage, Adam had to pay his way to the shade of the pelamin :) You see, Adam used to be the main 'toll' collector when his older cousins got married, and now it was pay back time for them! I'm not sure how much Adam had to pay, but I was happy to see them give him a hard time heheheh

The garden theme they had was beautiful and I'm glad everything ended before it rained heavily in the evening.

Congratulations again you two & thanks for making my final wedding coverage in Malaysia a memorable one :)