Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Coles Family

The Coles family is another lovely family that i photographed several years ago & were kind enough to give me a call again for some portraits.

As you can tell the weather was superb on this day. Of course being KL, a clear blue sky also means it'll be extra hot & humid.... and it was!

But the best thing about the Coles are how relazed & easy-going they are. You can see it in their faces & it helped me just shoot past the heat.

All the best to all of you in your new country & home :)

Enjoy the pics!

Miyako's Family

Bye-bye 2011 & Hello 2012!

Here is a family that i first photographed 4 years ago & I was so glad to meet them again during their short holiday in Malaysia. The shoot was even done in the same location which is cool because it really gives a time-lapse feel when one looks at the pictures from the two sessions separated by 4 years.

These 2 kids are so cute & charming, not to mention being very easy to photograph.

We wrapped it up indoors to get some shots of the kids just chilling :)