Monday, July 25, 2011

Basel's Market, Switzerland

Before my Swiss trip, my wife told me in very clear terms that I must visit at least 1 marketplace. Its something that we will do when we visit any new place as that is where one can find oddities that are unique to a place. Not to mention lovely food which we are both passionate about :)

I wish could bring back the cheese, bread, olives & more chocolate! But limited luggage space (actually limited budget is closer to the truth) I had to come home almost empty handed. There's always next time & with wifey along, the food budget will be at least 60% of total allocation.

My friend Azahari isn't quite into the whole cheese movement yet heheh

The items that were much cheaper there even after converting into Ringgit were the strawberries & cherries. We had a field day with those 2 items.

I leave the beautiful scenes below of Basel's market & river to do the talking ;)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Eli's Newborn Portraits

We're past the midway point in 2011, boy how time flies! I'll be out of Malaysia for almost 2 weeks in a couple of days & what better way than to update the blog by featuring Eli's newborn portraits.

Of course newborn sessions almost automatically include family portraits too :)

I like the soothing colours that tied the whole session, brown & green. Oh lets not forget the kids haircolour!

With toddlers, i tend to let them play & do their own thing which worked out great this time. The reading shots are my fav because they were totally unplanned.

Enjoy the pics!