Monday, July 04, 2011

Eli's Newborn Portraits

We're past the midway point in 2011, boy how time flies! I'll be out of Malaysia for almost 2 weeks in a couple of days & what better way than to update the blog by featuring Eli's newborn portraits.

Of course newborn sessions almost automatically include family portraits too :)

I like the soothing colours that tied the whole session, brown & green. Oh lets not forget the kids haircolour!

With toddlers, i tend to let them play & do their own thing which worked out great this time. The reading shots are my fav because they were totally unplanned.

Enjoy the pics!


Study Photography said...

Hi friend,

wow, cute pictures of Eli .. cold eye can see when we see it

Ms. Littlewing said...

Hi bro do you mind if I ask what camera are you using ? Or is it possible if I wanna learn more about photography. Currently I having DSLR D90...and appreciate a lot if you can teach me and guide more. I really adored and amazed your work very neat and awesome.


amy syahirah said...

amazing !!!