Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rohaya & Family - Lembah Kiara Park, TTDI

Hi everyone,

I had my first session back in Malaysia recently with Rohaya, hubby and their 3 fun kids, Amirul, Alissa & Aiman. The session was mainly a Mummy and kids day out concept but hubby managed to come for a few minutes after clocking in at work ;)

The major difference between shooting in Malaysia & Southern California is the humidity! Rohaya said it well when she said she was sweating 10 minutes into the session :)

Nonetheless the session was fun and they are such a loving and adventurous family.

Enjoy the photos :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bill & Erin - Downtown San Diego, California USA

Hi everyone,

Bill & Erin are good friends of Kris & Megan. Megan had mentioned to me that these two are funny and fun, so I was really looking forward to our session of course. I wasn't disappointed at all as these two immediately warmed up in front of the camera and I just had to click away.

We had this session in Downtown SD, which was crowded with people that day. It was a Sunday, which is always crowded i'm sure, but I just read that Barack Obama had a speech in town too which is a bummer that I didn't know earlier as I would have tried to grab some photos of him.

According to Erin's facebook profile, she is a rock-climber which is not surprising at all. Both Erin & Bill ride big sportbikes too. Anyone needing some adrenalin rush should pay these two a visit and have a weekend of climbing and biking and everything else they do for fun!

Enjoy the photos :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lowell, Gail & Galen - La Jolla, California USA

I had the honor of photographing a new & good friend of mine, Lowell Tindell with his beautiful wife Gail & baby boy, Galen. Lowell is an amazing photographer here is San Diego. It was a bit nerve wrecking photographing such a good photographer, but we had a great time & I learned a lot by seeing how Lowell himself photographed his wife during the session.

This session was an anniversary & family portraits session. It's fun having two different concepts in one session as it pushes me to be creative. Again, Lowell helped me develop the vision for the shoot and I'm really happy how it turned out.

Oh yes, check out how cute Galen is :)

Enjoy the photos!