Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rohaya & Family - Lembah Kiara Park, TTDI

Hi everyone,

I had my first session back in Malaysia recently with Rohaya, hubby and their 3 fun kids, Amirul, Alissa & Aiman. The session was mainly a Mummy and kids day out concept but hubby managed to come for a few minutes after clocking in at work ;)

The major difference between shooting in Malaysia & Southern California is the humidity! Rohaya said it well when she said she was sweating 10 minutes into the session :)

Nonetheless the session was fun and they are such a loving and adventurous family.

Enjoy the photos :)


monique said...

oh wow, it looks beautiful there!

Anonymous said...

love the photography in the park. wish i could take pictures like that!!

Atiqah Rahman Wyllie said...

Natural expressions!