Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liyana & Adam - SDCC

Liyana & Adam are two friends of mine who i had the blessing of photographing recently. What makes this wedding even more memorable is the fact it is my last wedding coverage before i leave for San Diego this June.

The wedding was beautiful and both of them looked so happy! Liyana's father did a great job with the theme in the ballroom.

Adam is such a joker and they were so relaxed when it came to the portraits. I love that!

Congrats you two!


nemesis said...

I would love to second shoot with you when i go back to KL. Lots of interesting angles..and i'm amazed with the simplicity.

One of the best series. congrats

Nazra Z. said...

Sigh..that last one is exceptionally beautiful!

Zalikha said...

What a beautiful couple..and wedding!!

Anna-Rina said...

Awesome shots :D

Met the couple when they were scouting for photogs, happy they went with you. Your shots are great! They look absolutely gorgeous here.

All the best in SD!

Shariza said...

Dann.... are you coming back in January??? =D please pleaseee.... 9th & 10th jan 09.

The Mrs-Bride said...

niceeee! twiggy looked cute! ;)