Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mas Cann - My Quality Control Executive

Hi everyone! I'm presenting to you my dear Mas Cann. Why is her name so strange... it's not Bolivian nor French, so what does it mean? Well Mas Cann is short for Malaysia Airlines Canteen where my wife found her back in 2006.

Mas Cann was all alone in a box near the entrance to the canteen. Apparently two of her siblings died a few days before as no one wanted to adopt them. As soon as Mariam was told about the kitten by her colleague, she immediately called me to drive over to bring the kitten home. She even took half a day off of work to do so.

As you can see, Mas Cann was an adorable kitten... and she loved to sleep in my trousers pocket :)

Here is Mas Cann and my wife circa 2006 hehehe

And here she is now, with her nightly routine of inspecting my work and then falling asleep on my lap as i edit photos on my laptop. She's too big to fit in the pocket now, so the lap will have to suffice.

Mas Cann is my quality control executive... doesn't she look the part with that steely eyed gaze? :)


paula luna | lunaphoto said...

what a cute cat...:) hope you're doing great!

Daniel Zain Photography said...

Thanks so much Paula for taking time to visit my blog! I'm doing great and i hope you are too :)

lindahpadlee said...

ala..comeinyer kucingni...tembam pulak..saya dan suamipun memang giler ngan kucing cuma tak berkesempatan lagi nak jaga kucing..insyaallah next time kalau diberi kesempatan memang nak ada seekor...

Fariza said...

Salam daniel, u have a great talent man. wish u success all the way. tapi i nak tengok website pasal YMP. hr tu u reply pun pasal direction nk ke sana. we all dah lost so balik ja. anyway can u recommend any website to me?

Fariza - forward mag

Aida said...

daniel! this looks exactly like my (late) cat, arwah Misai@MissShy... she got killed in an accident years back when i used to hv lots of cats.. i thought she's one of a kind with her trademark of having sort of a "chef-moustache" and beard (hence the name, Misai - and she was a shy one, hence MissShy).. until now.. mcm your cat ni..ada "janggut" (the black spot on her chin).. man, i miss my Misai!