Sunday, June 22, 2008

My journey to San Diego

As most of you would know by now, i'm in San Diego, California, USA right now. It's a real nice place and i thought i'd share a few photos from my train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego as well as photos from Downtown SD.

Here are some photos of a gathering at in Long Beach at a home of a Malaysian family. There were several Malaysian couples and families there in all and i'm glad that i'm surrounded by such a close knit community here. I'm just showing a few photos and the two brothers with me on the swing are photographers too. Sweet!

View of Downtown San Diego at night from Harbor Drive (midnight to be exact)


qippy said...

Hey man...nice to see all settling down in SD...hehhhe..too bad I ddnt get to see before u left,...I ned a holiday myself..hmmm maybe Perth...keep me posted..always nice to see yer blog..

Chris said...

Hi Daniel, my name is Chris and I'm also a photographer. I saw one of your posts on Open Source Photo, just thought I'd say hi because I'm also in San Diego. That's awesome you're enjoying the city so far!

I like a lot of the pictures on your blog. Really great colors and so sharp! May I ask what lens(es) and body you're using?

Take care,

aidil said...

Hey Dan!

Wow youre there a bit regretful that i didnt get to send you off tho..

anyhoos, have a great time there!

nemesis said...

Can't wait to see engagement/wedding photos from San Diego. Worth waiting....:p