Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Zureen & Gerhard - Melbourne, Australia

I love Melbourne, it's a city of the arts that's sure to inspire any photographer. I will definitely be back one day, preferably in Spring when the flowers are out and its so much warmer :)

Zureen & Gerhard's session was held at the park where they got married. A funny thing about this session was Zureen's prior warning to me that Gerhard wasn't much into 'couples' photography. I started the session thinking I would have to work hard at making him relaxed, but to my surprise he was totally natural in front of the camera! Zureen seemed surprised as well :)

We had lots of fun and managed to wrap up just in time before it got really windy & cloudy.

Thanks so much to both of you for hosting me during my stay in Melbourne. Enjoy the photos and see you in Spring one day :)


Zakiah said...

that last picture just takes my breath away! they look so sweet together :)

P:DEeK said...

Hi Daniel, I've just received a message from you through facebook. I know you since last year. Your works improve a lot. I really respect that you reach to this stage. All of the new photos in your blog are so WOW ! What to improve ? For now, just keep it up bro.