Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A session for the cards

It had been quite sometime since I shot a session primarily indoors with just a little bit outdoors. It requires quite a different mindset, since when I'm outdoors I have the advantage moving around for some variety in backgrounds. When indoors, it has to be almost 100% about the expressions and emotions.

I'm glad Tunku Myra and her 2 boys ;) had such big smiles and laughter in what was a short and simple session to get some images for their Christmas cards.

Thanks for being so relaxed, and for just having fun in your own home :)

* the last image is one of my favs, since it shows those moments in a session (which happens a lot) where mummy has to have a slowtalk with their kid(s) in between happy moments ;D


Zack&Zairul said...

Beautiful family! :)
Would love to have another session with you when we're back in Malaysia.

Oh yes, Happy New Year as well!Looking forward to seeing more beauiful pictures from you. Warm regards to Mariam too.

chuop said...

hi dan, ur pics makin lama makin cantik sgt lah. harap2 nanti i pun bley amik gambar2 cantik camni..

Nadiah Almahdaly said...

Assalamualaikum...lovely pictures...i'm a photographer myself...am still in the experimental stage though

Im lucky as I have unlimited supplies of subjects for practice from my big family..haha..

can i ask a few questions?
How did you make ur subjects look so natural and relaxed?
and the lighting looks awesome...even in the outdoors, did u use flash?

Nadiah Almahdaly

Asma' said...

Daniall...such beautiful pictures..lovess it!..its great cause its not fake or 'too made up' u know...