Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mahanum & Shidee

Mahanum & Shidee rung me up one day for a portrait shoot & it turns out it was a day before their 1st anniversary. Here is what we came up with & to many more decades of love :)



hanns said...

hi daniel...thank u so much for being a good photographer to was really a great moment in my life...nice picture and nice knowing u all guys...hope we can see u again...Insyallah..

GLizZY said...

~ Hye Daniel, u are such a great photographer I've ever seen..
Always keep inspiring me..

(,") Merci..

nurrul said...

hanum which i knew is like to take a beautiful pic...that's a wonderful photo n fully enjoyed to shared it...keep up a good work danny..:-)

Nazra Z. said...

auwww...such a sweet way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

myself said...

hallo bro, nice shoot,
what gear arr u using?

Kerel said...

Very nice. Selalu tertunggu-tunggu utk updates. Never fail to impress. Kalau ada wedding/portraiture in october yang boleh tag along, just bagitau. Cheers