Saturday, March 12, 2011

Noli & Adib - 4 days of fun!

Over 4 days, I was blessed to photograph Noli & Adib's celebration of their love for each other. Noli & I studied in the same university, in fact she was room-mates with my friend. It's a small world :)

The part i liked the most about their wedding was how relaxed the atmosphere was at all 4 events.

Congrats you two & enjoy the pics!


Shahrin Oppa said...

nice photo bro daniel..
i wish i could be like u one day~

Syam said...

Ur shots just get better and better..really enjoy looking at your masterpiece.
Thanks a lot Mr. Daniel, for giving me a lot of inspiration. God bless you :)

aishah anusha said...

nice pitcures.u use nikon or canon camera?how much is your wedding package?

N.A said...

I don't know why, but the pictures touched me a lot. I can feel the great ambience of the wedding.
Congratulation to them.
Congratulation to you.

David Fenwick said...

Great work Daniel. 4 days of photography though - you must be absolutely exhausted after that!

jeddah indah said...

nice pictures ..i like