Monday, January 19, 2009

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

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For the most part this blog's purpose is to showcase my professional work. However, occasionally there are important issues that need highlighting, and the Gaza crisis is one of them. It is the only conflict in the world where the victims aren't able to escape the war zone as all borders are sealed.

Please visit this site for info on what you can do to help the victims of this humanitarian crisis:


  • The campaign is to expose the public to the real issues of the Palestinian conflict, explains Siti Jamilah Sheikh Abdullah, Complete secretariat member.

    “Most Malaysians are ignorant of the Palestine history and issues. Muslims support it because most Palestinians are Muslims and non-Muslims don’t support because they think it is a purely Muslim problem. We have to inform the public that the issue is a humanitarian one,” she adds.
  • Complete is multi-faith, multi-racial and non-political. We want to look at the humanitarian aspect without getting emotional about it. We also don’t want to talk about the different political factions. We only want to focus on the suffering of the Palestinian people.
  • Among those at the forefront of the Coalition of Malaysian NGOs Against Persecution of Palestinians (Complete) is Pastor Sivin Kit from the Bangsar Lutheran Church.

Their intention is to make everyone see this issue as a humanitarian crisis that concerns them.

“A lot of people are still ignorant about the Palestine-Israel issue. It is not about religion or race but a humanitarian crisis.

“Every day there are people dying there.

He added that not all the Palestinians were Muslims as a significant number were Christians and they were being killed just the same.

The “Save the Palestenians” campaign will be carried out on a long-term basis to provide assistance to the war victims, especially after the ceasefire.

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Sivin Kit said...

Hi Daniel,
I caught your comment before the meeting ended last night. And I think what you raised was valuable and more non-muslims need to hear this kind of discourse.