Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yasmin & Ikmal - Post Wedding Portraits

Recently, I had a post wedding session with my sister in-law Yasmin & her hubby Ikmal, just before their second reception at Ikmal's hometown of Kuala Pilah. It was raining on their Nikah day hence there wasn't any opportunity for portraits then.

I'm glad it worked out that way though as they were both a lot more relaxed compared to their Nikah day. It's nice too when the couple is just so relaxed about things and don't get worked up because of the weather.

One thing important in photography is to just go with the flow and make up for it with even better images.

Congrats once again to both of you :)


zatihazira said...

oh my. im not usually into wedding photos surfing.

but yours.....sgt gorgeous!

myra sham :) said...

kak min yg sgt cantik haha