Thursday, May 07, 2009

Benjamin, Futaba & kids

This session was a blast! One cant ask for anything extra when you've got smiling kids & fun parents for a portrait session. Aki in particular is so adorable when she laughs.

We had some shots done indoors & the rest were around the pool area of the condo. The weather was great too.

My personal favourite is no.9, Rei's expression just does it for me :)


acidsulfurik said...

as'kum bro. the 3rd picture looks really cool! i like aki's facial expression when she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

awesome potrait work bro!

Tacoma Family Photographer said...

really a very nice photoes.good job! iappreciate.

Khairul Annas Musa said...

memang super cool!

Anonymous said...

like the pic of the baby's precious.