Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fari Thazin & Syah - Nikah

Fari & Syah are doctors, yet they are obviously very much in love as the stresses from their jobs were nowhere to be seen on their faces that day :)

The Akad Nikah ceremony went smoothly and I enjoyed the simple elegance of the d├ęcor. The family members were very warm and funny too!

The best part of the day was making use of Fari's room which has so much character to it. It really goes well with Fari's classic Audrey Hepburn look.

Oh wait, the best part was actually the Hyderabad Briyani which Fari's mom cooked herself. Oh my.... the whole combo of condiments such as mint, dried prawn chilli, cucumber yoghurt coupled with the rice and chicken... speechless!

I really hope they see me as part of the family now so that I get more of that briyani.


Su Kyaw Khairun said...

Awesome job of capturing the whimsical essence of romance in the air and Fari looks like a Fairy Princess n Syah looks stately :)

MoN said...

WOW is the word! yup,fari's room is so audrey indeed!

Kerel said...

Memang cantik as usual. I'll be back on the 1st of July, for good. Will look for opportunity to second shoot nanti. Simply amazing.

mayapuri said...

:) ... glad to see the pics...my client too :)..love to see my hantaran terselit in your pic..
and ya...the brayani really sedap kan..