Sunday, June 28, 2009

The family of Dave & Julie

Easy-going, Bahasa speaking & plain fun to be around with... that's how I'd describe this family.

We had this session a week before Dave, Julie, Rachel, Hanna & Andrew moved back to the USA after almost 8 years here. They're now enjoying being surrounded by such beauty that is Colorado, but they're definitely missing our Malaysian food too!

I wish you all the very best & hope you're all doing great in Colorado.

Jumpa dalam masa satu tahun ya!


Jacq said...

These pictures are excellent. Do you think we could exchange blog links? Please keep in touch

Anonymous said...

salam, blh u uplod wedding matiin n ayesha 1/8 lepas? plez:-) coz pic yg kami ambil sgt2 la xmemuaskan. tq:-)