Friday, April 16, 2010

Harian Metro features DZP

Ahhhh this was one funny experience!

I was featured in Harian Metro in November 2009. Just before I left for my 3 weeks Australian family portrait shoots, I was interviewed by Faizah from the paper. I thought it would be just that, an interview and nothing more. I brought along a softcopy file of my profile photo to be given to her. You can imagine my shock when i was told "Our photographer is running a bit late, lets sit down & start the interview first"

Wait a minute.... photographer? To photograph me?

To cut a long story short, I was told to pose along Bangsar Village street & at one point even suggested to lean on the road sign & look macho. I'm always behind the camera, so a surprise portrait session for myself was very awkward! But credits to the photographer, he was quick and very friendly.

Oh yes, my wife couldn't stop laughing the whole while & pretended to not know me and even stood far away. Well of course, I'm not a natural in front of the camera!

The next big shock came when i was in Sydney. I got the pdf file of the article & when I opened it........ there staring at me was an almost life size image of my head! Thank goodness I had somewhat shaved on the day of the session (that minimized the Werewolf look), and they did not show my full body pic with me in slippers.

My wife was laughing even louder now back home in Malaysia, this time with the added background laughter of her family & mine too some 20km away. She said I looked like a pale Sasquatch. Sweet!

So here is my almost lifesize feature in Harian Metro for your amusement. No, clicking on the image will not give you the full size version :P

Thank you to Din Selamat & Nor Faizah from Harian Metro once again.


aNiSr 97 said...

wow! terkesima seketika! ;D
congratulations even it's 1year late ;p

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Farah said...

Nak tergelak tu! Macho apa, Daniel?

Afida aka kakok said...

Congrads bro..

Azrey Rozie Eiman said...


Raziff Lokman said...

congrats!..its been worth while looking at your work..

all the best!

누룰 아크말.. said...

wah~! masuk paper org kater..
dah lama follow blog ni, akhirnya masuk gak dlm paper

thumbs up! ;)

Rosli Arof / Foto Republic said...

you deserve it...ttahniah!