Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Quek Family

What naturals in front of the camera this family was! In addition, Dennis & Kathy are very friendly and made sure I tasted all their nice kuih & fruits at their home after the session. So baik one :)

The best part of this session was our starting time at 7.30am. The light was nice & I really encourage anyone interested in a session to start around 7.30am so that we can avoid the heat as much as possible.



ErikRadziPhoto said...

hi bro..mmg cun gle pic bro..terutama color..perghhh meletop..nice work bro..

zt said...

gambar semua nampak sangat natural, dengan lighting yang perfect
family yang santai bergaya
memang best

珊瑚海's bLog said...

bang..saya nak tanya..u tangkap gambar kat situ kena inform the management ?

Nazra Zahri said...

Awesome photos as always.