Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ella & Rasul

Ella & Rasul are one of the most bubbly couples you can ever meet. The whole wedding was just constant laughter! I first met Ella when I was about 14, through her cousin Azim (who now owns Azim's Burger Shack at Rasta TTDI KL. Try the food if you can - it's yummy!). She then moved overseas and finally i got a call from Azim early this year saying that Ella was getting married! How time flies...

They both now live in Beijing, China. So if you're planning to go watch the Olympics in person next year, watch out for Ella & Rasul! (p/s: I think Rasul will be at the Gymnastics & Synchronized Swimming stadium)


The Nikah at At-Taqwa Masjid, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail:

The Reception at Dewan Perdana Felda:

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Zakiah said...

Hi Daniel.
Thanks for putting up the wedding pictures. Yes, they all look very, very nice :) Can't wait to see what the album looks like!

ps: I hope I didn't scare you with my demands yang agak terlebih tu :P I guess I can be slightly demanding at times :) hihihihi..nways,have a good day!