Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mr. Arne and family

Mr.Arne called me one day and said he'd like to have his family portraiture session at the KLCC park as his family back home have never really seen the Twin Towers. The plan was to have a session that did not involve any of the kids getting wet....


:) Yes, it's true, no matter what precautions mommy and daddy have in place somehow kids will always find a way to get wet. And moms out there...remember to take off the diapers before your little one dives in...otherwise she'll end up with a puffed up 'lifejacket'. :)

Gl├Žde sig ved den foto!


Zakiah said...

Hi Daniel!
Thanks for your reply, and yes I've replied the mail as well :)

I'm just loving all the kiddy pics you're putting up nowdays.They all look so absolutely adorable, and cheekish!

And yeah, kids will always have their way of things. No matter what WE say or do! :P

Shemah said...

I love seeing the family portraitures that you've taken. Hopefully one day, it'll be my kids up here in your blog. :D Insya-Allah.

You're right about "KIDS ALWAYS WIN". I can't seem to ever win with my 3 year old! Even my baby, who's only 1 month has me wrapped around her finger! LOL!

Aizuddin Saad said...

saya mengagumi hasil kerja anda..