Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Kohn Family

Hi everyone! This entry features the family of Mr Jonathan Kohn & Mrs Kim Smit with their adorable kids Frederick & Annabelle. It was shot at their residence in Bangsar.

Frederick had no problems with energy that afternoon! As soon as I arrived he was ready with his own camera to snap photos. I was worried that he might end up snapping better pics than me, so that snapped me into focus mode real quick :)

Annabelle was slightly nervous around me (well in her eyes I must have looked like a pale Sasquatch, so i don't blame her)... but once she warmed up her smile really lit up the house.

Enough from me... enjoy the photos!


Zakiah said...

Hi Daniel.

oh my! what beautiful blue eyes they have! *gasp*
lovely pictures of the whole family too :)
loving your photoblog.looking forward to see more!

ps: I sent you an email, which I hope you've received.Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks!

Daniel Zain Photography said...

Hi Zakiah! Thanks for dropping by :) Your recipes look so yummy, i really can see you opening a bakery or even a full fledged restaurant. Your passion for cooking really shows.

Yes i've received your email. In fact the reply should be in your inbox by tonite :)

Take care & do drop by again when your next batch of cookies are done!

Doctor N said...

i adore all your pictures!

keep up the good work!;)