Friday, February 15, 2008

Capsicum Chicken Balls & Sweet Potato Stew

:) I present to you my first "I did these!" dishes hehehe (with supervision from my wife of course)

I did the preparation, cooking and assembling... and the best part was when it was all over and we could sit down and eat! Cooking is tiring stuff man... i think i'm going to just buy ready made chicken balls at the grocery next time :)


aidilthehut said...

itzza nize.. i like (borat style of talking)

so the next time i come over to your humble abode, i would expect this nice looking dish made just for me

nice one!

Daniel Zain Photography said...

Aidilthehut: in your 'kazakhstan' they don't have this magik

i will do so for you like :)

Thanks man!