Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A session for a good friend :)

Hi everyone!

Here are photos from a session I did for a wonderful friend of mine recently. It was a nice and simple session held indoors with lots of natural light. Isn't her new daughter beautiful? Check out the love between the two sisters :)

She has many more photos from the session of course, but these are the ones i'm allowed to share with all of you.

Enjoy the photos ;)


Qaseh said...

nice sgt... uncle daniel ni biler nak amik gambar Qaseh ni? :D

Kak Nazha @ kawan Mariam said...

OMG! these are lovely :) Looks like the photos on image banks. Very well done. said...

Hi,I fell in love with these pictures, me & my husband are newbies in photography & are looking forward to take beautiful photos like these .., maybe u can drop by to my husband's blog ( comments on the photos there. We will really appreciate it since u r a maestro in photography :)