Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amee Halim & Family

It's funny how you can suddenly meet someone again from your distant past.

When I first saw Amee on the day her family portrait shoot was scheduled, I knew I had seen her somewhere before. After a few minutes of conversation she asked me if i was from TTDI and went to primary school there, which I did. Turns out we where schoolmates back then :) Amee didn't go to the same high school as myself, so we've not met in at least 15 years.

She's now married to Illiya and is a mom to a very cute and active son, Rykal. During the session he moved around so much and rather quickly too, making the individual portraits I managed to snap of him that more precious.

After the fun session at the pool area, we headed up for some relaxed shots of everyone in their Raya clothes.

Thanks Amee for having me over, your family is a fun bunch to be around with and its great to meet you again after all these years.


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.raizil adza said...

just wondering if u need any assistant during your more than willing to help u out. hehe..