Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anoushka's 4th Birthday Party

In 2007, I photographed Anoushka's 3rd birthday party, and here I was a year later at the Bukit Kiara Club among many familiar faces - mommies, daddies & hyper kids :)

This was my first outdoor birthday shoot back in Malaysia after my 3 weeks in end of winter Australia. The humidity + photographing kids = major calorie burning workout.

The theme of the party was Mermaid Island, and you could see the girls were really into it. The boys on the other hand, preferred to have spiders and tiger stripes painted on their hands and faces :)

Thanks Dea for having me over again, and also to Yee Send for your wonderful work in organizing the party.

Happy Birthday Anoushka!

Here is a lesson to be learned...always organize the group photo at the beginning of the party, not at the end when they're tired, sweaty and you're keeping them from the ice cream man. Otherwise this is what you get...


Dea said...

Thank You for the beautiful photos Daniel. I love them all! Excellent work, despite the ice cream man!

CatlinaFly said...

children are ur work..been following ur blog n linked it to mine.Looking forward for ur next project.