Monday, October 13, 2008

Zaira Jane's Aqiqah Ceremony

I was checking my email one day when Farah sent me a message via google chat, asking if I'd be available to photograph her new daughter Zaira's aqiqah ceremony. Farah is a former client of mine, those who have seen some of my older work may recognize her from the maternity session we had in early 2007.

I asked Farah & Jeremy if they were planning for a fourth child, and they both said "oh no....three is a handful already". Well both of you, like they say, never say never! ;)

I'm sure all of you will agree they've produced some real good looking kids :) Check out the last image below for one of the cutest family portraits I've taken in a long time.

Enjoy :)


fly said...

salam. nice pic bro.gambar2 yang u shoot ada edit photoshop X?

Zakiah said...

omg! such a cute family, and lil' Zaira is looking adorable as well.
We are thinking of naming our lil' princess (yup,it's a girl!) Zaira too. such a sweet name kan?

great photos as always.looking forward to have another photo session with u Daniel.

Khairil Hatta said...

nice series. 3 orang baby memang dah menyeronokkan...