Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fiona's Day Out

Hiya! This portraiture session at lembah kiara park was special for me because I've known little Fiona for exactly 1 year now! I first met Fiona and her mom, Birgit at the farewell party of little Sayo in December '06.

Her mom calls her Typhoon Fiona (it's her never ending energy reserves and super fast movement) though she has mellowed out quite a bit now :)

One funny moment during the session was when Fiona accidentally tossed her favorite teddy bear over the suspension bridge and into the trees below! Her dad, Mr. Lars, was so shocked and worried since Fiona needs her teddy bear to go to sleep at night (I would've panicked too!). Luckily I managed to find the teddy bear after the session.

Fiona smiled the biggest smile of the year when she saw her teddy alright :)

Thanks Birgit for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wonderful family. Fiona's grandma was such a sweet lady for braving through our Malaysian humidity and heat for her granddaughter.

Enough from me :) genie├čen Sie die Fotos!

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