Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Hurst Family

Hi everyone! Here's a Christmas session special :) Jeff Hurst and his wife Kim have 2 adorable kids - Katie & Matthew. They wanted a session in the KLCC park for their Christmas photos and I of course agreed since the park is a great place for photography and a kid's play wonderland too.

Katie is such a cutie and couldn't wait to get to the pool and playground all morning. She also loves her noodles! Jeff is one mat salleh who loves his nasi lemak! Kim said that the thing they'll miss the most when they go back to the States is the food. Katie will have to get used to waffles and pancakes instead of rice and noodles for breakfast :)

Jeff, maybe you can start your own nasi lemak cafe when you get back to the States? ;)

Enjoy the photos!


khairil idham said...

I have been visiting all your photo blog since not so long time ago.but quite a while since danz.fp dengan danielzain.fp then moved to your own domain and now i'm enjoying browsing your excellent photos here in blogspot.well your photos speak on their own. you absolutely have stunning eyes.all photos are beautifully captured.

rasa bersalah pula kalau tak drop comments..hehehe.semuanya memang sangat2 cantik. =)

warmest salam from moscow,
khairil idham

cik senah said...

haiii.. cantek2 gambaq2 yg awak amik niee.. hermm... tak tergambar ngan kata2.. ;) "good job"