Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Archie & Millie

Hi everyone!

Archie & Millie's mom, the sweet Natalie called me up to photograph her kids at home. The moment i stepped into the driveway, Archie was already smiling and Millie was in the driver's seat of the Ford Explorer SUV! She was playing with the steering wheel :) Of course Archie was not about to be outdone by all this, so he ran off and got his buggy (which i wish I had as a kid).

Check out his macho off road buggy race driver look heheh

Enjoy the photos!

1 comment:

Zakiah said...

You have such great eyes when it comes to taking pictures of kids and babies. so far there hasn't not been even one entry that is not cute ( then again, kids are ALWAYS cute ;) )
but hey,they're not easy too! :P great job!