Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wet Photoshoot & Dried Chillies Spaghetti

I had a wet portraiture session this morning at the Lembah Kiara park. Luckily we managed to get most of the photos before it started pouring. Then it was a 30 minute chat session under one of the parks gazebos hoping that the sun will come out again..... only to have it rain even heavier! We decided to just walk to the cars and continue shooting at their apartment instead, so there i was walking with my cameras under my shirt with my client holding the umbrella over my head :)

It's these type of situations that actually end up making people more relaxed in front of the camera, believe it or not! Getting drenched together actually bonds people it seems.

When i got home my lovely wife surprised me with her signature dried chillies spaghetti bolognese. She even took the effort to make look all nice and restaurantish looking! :)

I'm now all full and dried off, feeling a little drowsy yet very very happy :)

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