Monday, March 17, 2008

Creamy Salmon Pasta

If you like meals with lemon tangyness then you'll love this dish. It's different from most pasta i've had but once i got used to the unique flavour, i really wanted more.

I wonder why my wife tied the long beans up though, it isn't like they'll run away or something... :)


zakiah said...

yum yum yum. we love cream sauce pastas (cause that's pretty much what we eat here whenever we go out and carbonara is just out of the question :p)
cool idea of tying up the long beans.could use that idea for later..hehe
can't wait to start shooting foodstuff again.gonna do that as soon as we settle down in the new house.though my pics prolly wouldn't look as nice as you guys' :)

mariam,let's exchange recipes! :)

candy_vegas said...

hehek..tukang masak pakai kaftan kat dapo yekkk~ yum yumm..sdapnye