Monday, March 17, 2008

Zakiah & Zairul - Reception

Hi there!

Zakiah & Zairul's reception was fun fun fun! We managed to sneak in some great outdoor portraits before it started to rain and both of them really worked it in front of the camera :) Zairul mentioned to Zakiah the day before that he didn't want any portraits taken at the reception....yet he was the one that automatically struck a pose everytime without any directions from me! Zakiah was a bit stunned so she tried to one-up Zairul, giving me lotsa choices to shoot with :D

Congratulations again you two! Have fun in Japan ;)



Nazra Z. said...

You've captured such priceless moments here. Very inspiring. :)

Daniel Zain said...

Thanks Nazra! They really made my job much easier by being so sporting and relaxed. A major part of photography is Opportunity, and they gave it to me in truckloads :)

zakiah and zairul said...

all we can say is, waaaa weeee junior juice! hihihihi...beautifully shot, but my eyes in some of those pictures tend to scare even myself! about trying to make my eyes look bigger..and yep,zairul was really workin' it in front of the camera, and yet he said that he can't pose :P nonetheless, great pics and we love it,love it,love it! thanks daniel!

Nazra Z. said...

Those eyes of Zakiah eh, no one has really seen them. Again, you did a great job by being able to capture that. :p Heheh.