Monday, May 05, 2008


Its been a while since i've posted some of my wife's dishes here. So what better than to have three at once :)

The first dish is Lebanese bread with Baba Ghanoush. For dinner we had Vegetarian Spaghetti topped up with Mango Lassi.



Zakiah said...

my my,the bread and dip(?) sure do look yummy. and i can never turn down a good glass of mango lassi :) i wonder where mariam gets her hands on these unique recipes.cook books?

Daniel Zain Photography said...

Hi Zakiah, thanks for dropping by :) Fyi, i got most of my recipes from tv and cookbooks. I always modify the recipes according to my taste and ingredients available in the kitchen. If i come across a nice recipe on the net i'll try to post it here yeah (i've never tried any recipes from the net before hihih :P)

- Mariam

syazlin said...

hey..ur food look so good n i think i have to eat now..i can't stand it! :)