Saturday, May 17, 2008

Liz Burton & Family

Here's another family portraiture session that I loved. You'll see from the photos what a fun family this is :)

When I got to the house, Liz showed me some canvas prints of her kids she had done in New Zealand when they were younger. They looked really nice, so i knew I had a high benchmark to which i would be compared to. I like the creative challenge that poses and it's what pushes me to always be better than my previous shoot.

We started by shooting some shots indoors then we ran out for a great time getting photos at their residential community pool and playground. Mom and dad sure had a good workout session ;)

Thanks Liz for giving me the opportunity to photograph all of you.



Nazra Z. said...

this must have been a lot of fun for you too! such a loving family. :)

Daniel Zain Photography said...

It was :) Not easy photographing 3 small kids who are running around in 3 different areas of the playground.

I love the shots on the bed..they're so natural and spontaneous.

Nazra Z. said...

yeah..everyone seemed very comfortable during shoot. :)

Shazeea said...

The photo of the girl walking up her dad's chest?

I use to do that when I was about her height. I think we have a photo too.