Friday, May 16, 2008

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

My wife's favorite starter. Yes, by far.

So when she said she would like to try making them herself, i knew I would be called in to the kitchen to witness the whole process. So for the first time, i'm showing how a dish was made.

I actually helped wrap the spring rolls, and let me tell you, i'll leave it to her to do it next time. Why? Well, big hands + thin slippery rice paper = slow going & much tearing.



Mrs reader said...

hi daniel. love all your photos. keep on capturing those magical moments! your wife is a talented cook i must say. does she has a blog? as a food lover myself i always love to try all sorts of yummy recipes. i am intrigued to try the recipes of your wife's cooking if she doesnt mind sharing it :)

Anonymous said...

seriously...i think your wife should open up a resto!!! :)