Saturday, May 17, 2008

Neetasha & Family

I first met Neetasha when I was shooting an event for the Securities Commission at their beautiful building at Bukit Kiara.

Next thing I know i'm in her backyard shooting her family portraits with such beautiful backlighting coming through the leaves. It's nice to shoot into the light once in a while and get some nice rim lighting.

Here they are!


Pourpres~ said...

I especially love the moment where she pinched the brother. So cute. Makings of classic. Completely spontaneous is it? Total at ease with the camera or you have to direct them here and there?

Oh HI btw. Your stuff are gorgeous. I'm envious.

Daniel Zain Photography said...

Pourpres: Thanks! It was totally spontaneous. I just try to interact with them in a fun way and get down on my knees so that i'm the same height as them. That helps them relax and just have fun :)

k.i. said...

assalammualaikum wbt.

each and every photos just amazingly amazing! The last whole family portrait is so lovely. I guess pourpres ~ is not alone...I'm one of envious as well..admire!

Anonymous said...

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